adam wood

Hello, I’m Dr Adam Wood, a social scientist based at UCL Institute of Education in London where I research the relationships between educational space (from infrastructure right through to school design) and educational aims.

This site’s Contact page, my work page at UCL Institute of Education and Twitter (@woodadam_) are useful for getting in touch. This is a list of projects I’m currently working on:


  1. A book “Educational Aims and Values through Architecture”, that I’m co-editing with Professor Catherine Burke from the University of Cambridge featuring contemporary architects’ responses to educational-architectural questions and provocative essays by Giancarlo De Carlo, Herman Hertzberger and others from a special issue “Architecture and Education” of the Harvard Educational Review in 1969. More info here.
  2. I continue to edit and write for Architecture and Education, a site I founded with Dr Emma Dyer in 2015 with the aim of stimulating public debate about school space and design through short essays and interviews with all kinds of interesting people. The site gets over 20,000 readers a year.
  3. Educating the City: new urban schools and social infrastructure is a project based at the Bartlett, UCL with Dr Jos Boys (Bartlett, UCL) and Anna Jeffery (Architecture Initiative).
  4. In June 2020, I begin research on The Educational Implications of Changing School Design in Times of Spatial Austerity, a project for which I recently received funding from the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust’s Small Research Grants. I’ll be writing about this project shortly.
  5. In this interview, Neil Selwyn (Monash University) asks me about why studying educational space matters and how international trends in school-building policy and design travel, based on my 2-year Leverhulme Trust research in Italy and Australia (2017-19).
  6. A series of public UCL seminars on Space and Education, that I organised for the spring and summer have been cancelled – for the moment. When things get running again, I will post more information about these.

To get in touch please use the Contact page of this site, my work page at UCL Institute of Education or via Twitter: @woodadam_