adam wood

Hello. I’m Dr Adam Wood, a social scientist researching the relationships between educational space (particularly school design) and educational aims. My publications are on this site but I also write for and edit Architecture and Education, a site I founded with Dr Emma Dyer.


I have a 2-year award from the Leverhulme Trust to research school architecture and school-building programmes in Italy and Australia – this runs until April 2019. I am currently based at Monash University, Melbourne as a visiting postdoctoral researcher. My previous experience in a range of educational roles is on the Bio page and if you would like to get in touch please use see the Contact page. Thank you.

The following conversation with Neil Selwyn (Monash University) is a brief introduction to my research. We discuss the important (if frequently taken for granted) roles of architecture and space in education and schooling, and some international “trends” in school-building policy and design: