Links in square brackets point to the published version of record. An “Open Access Pre-print” is a freely available draft version.

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Blog Posts

See here for my posts on the Architecture and Education site. My guest posts on other blogs are listed below.

Wood, Adam. (2017) “The Elephant is the Room: Sociology and Architecture“. In The Sociological Review Blog.

Wood, Adam. (2017) “Making School Design More Ethical and Useful for Teachers“. In The BERA Blog: Research Matters.

Wood, Adam. (2017) “What do we mean when we talk about flexible spaces?“.  In the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change Blog.

Conference Papers

(with Dr Catherine Burke) (2018) Inclusion of the Concept of “Human Spirit” as a Design Element in Past Visions of Educational Environments European Conference on Educational Research, Free University of Bolzano (September 2018)

Wood, Adam. (2018) La Scuola come Strumento di Miglioramento dello Spazio Sociale e Urbano [The School as a Means for Improving Social and Urban Space] Territori Mobilità Lavori Conference, University of Padova (February 2018)

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I was interviewed by Professor Neil Selwyn about architecture and education for the Meet the Education Researcher podcasts: